The purpose of Presbyterian Church of the Master’s Missions Committee is to serve with love, obeying God’s command to care for the poor, the sick, the lost, and the least, serving our community and the world by involving all members of the congregation in missional living.

  • Earnestly seek the will of God in regard to Missions activities at Presbyterian Church of the Master.
  • Participate in Missions partnerships with local, national and international organizations to serve as good stewards of God’s resources, to be God’s witnesses in our home, church, community, nation, and world and to show the world the love of God by what we do.
  • Approve all PCOM sponsored mission trips.
  • Consider, approve and coordinate missionary support for those serving in the mission field.
  • Provide support for seminary students.
  • Coordinate and oversee all other missions-related activities at PCOM.

The Missions Committee meets regularly on the first Tuesday of each month.
If you have suggestions for a local, national or international mission project, please email the committee: missions.committee@mypcom.com.