Matt Becerra

Describe Job in 10 words or fewer.
I work closely with the Junior High students at PCOM.
What’s your favorite scripture?
John 10:10.
What your favorite place in California?
Forest Home has to be my favorite place in California it hold many good memories from my youth and adulthood.
What’s your favorite place not in California?
Mexicali, Mexico has been a place I enjoy returning to year after year. The mission trip we take down there has created some great bond between churches and people.
What makes you laugh the most?
Almost anything I tend to giggle a lot.
What are your top three favorite movies?
1. Shawshank Redemption.
2. Gladiator.
3. Any of the Harry Potter series.
What’s something surprising about you?
Probably that I do not like Chocolate.
What’s your favorite family tradition?
My uncle’s Christmas day jambalaya.
If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
Peter would have some crazy stories to tell over dinner.
What do you love most about church?
The community is one aspect of church that I love. The bonds and relationships centered around God are the best in life.
What year did you start working here?
I was an intern in 2010 and every summer after that, but started in the position I am in today in late 2014.