Final Instructions

Final Instructions – “Wholeness Through Christ”

Sermon Notes: We are created with a desire to be made ______ and _______. Two parts of this desire: _______ we think will make us whole, the most satisfying of which is __________. Our _______ response, the most pleasurable of which is _______. The missing key to this passage: To know something/someone is to be…

Final Instructions – “Glory!”

Sermon Questions: Re-read John 15:1-5 & Exodus 33:17-23 In the John passage of these final instructions, Jesus shifts from talking to the disciples to talking to God. What do you make of this shift? What images does the word glory bring to mind? How is the word glory used in common speech today? How is…

Final Instructions – “Abiding with Jesus”

Abiding with Jesus John 15:1-17 Notes: Jesus’ Final Instructions: ______ ______ with Me. Let Me ________ you. Let Me ________ you. Questions: Of these three instructions, which is easiest for you? Hardest? Why? What is one way this week that you can prioritize hanging out with Jesus?