Epic Adventure – “Never Too Young, Never Too Old”

Re-read Jeremiah 1:4-10, Luke 2:25-35

  1. Some of the beliefs we have about ourselves keep us from responding to God’s call to Epic Adventure:
  2. In Jeremiah’s case he claimed _________ and ____________ disqualified him from God’s call. If God calls us to His adventure, He will ___________ what we need for it.
  3. Simeon was ________, and yet he was still vitally connected to God. The reason that some older people head for the bleachers is because they have put the _________ of God, ahead of being the _____________ of God.
  4. Moses disqualified himself before God because he was slow of speech. He thought there were others who would be more _____________.
  5. Isaiah disqualified himself because he was ___________ unfit to be in the presence God. God took a coal from the altar and ________ his lips.