Follow The Money – “Stewardship as Discipleship”

Sermon Notes:

  1. This is at stake when the Bible talks about our relationship to money and possessions: The _______ and _______ of God.
  2. The trap is that we think we cannot ________ anything to God until we have taken care of our needs _________. This follows the world’s wisdom to always ________ ourselves first.
  3. God’s invitation out of this trap is to “give careful _______ to your ways.”
  4. Giving money to God is not about ________ in the Kingdom, but about each of us ________ the Kingdom of God more deeply through the very act of giving to God first.

Study Questions:

  1. In what areas of your life do you recognize the trap of “paying yourself first?”
  2. How do you think about Stewardship in the life of the church? What would it look like for you to enter into it as a season of Christian discipleship?