I Believe… “Like Us, With Us, For Us”

Questions for Discussion:
Read John 1: 14-18 and John 17:20-26

  1. Are you ever tempted to distill Jesus down to the words on a page rather than someone who lived and walked among humanity? What attributes of Jesus are most enticing to you? Which are hardest for you to comprehend or accept?
  2. Three lessons from the Apostle’s Creed’s section on Jesus are that Jesus is like us, with us, and for us. In what ways is Jesus like us?
  3. How is Jesus with us? What difference does this make in our daily lives? In times of joy? In times of trial?
  4. Are you ever your own worst enemy when it comes to living a holy life? How so? What does it mean that Jesus is for you and wants your good and the good of the world? How can Jesus’ help empower you to follow Him more closely?