PCOM Has Many Ways To Serve!

SERVE THE LOCAL COMMUNITY:  We encourage everyone to serve where God is leading you.  We are in partnership with several local ministries in our area.  Serve with your small group or individually.  We are asking that people connect as individuals to form a relationship with the non-profit mission partners they feel called to serve.  There is opportunity to create an impact in our community – influence others and transform the people you meet.

SERVE THE WORLD:  We have global partnerships in various parts of the world. You are offered an opportunity to connect with those partnerships and with those in need by volunteering for short term mission trips, providing financial support and offering prayers. You are able to touch the lives of those who suffer injustice, hunger and inequality, as well as help those who plant churches, who bring The Jesus Film in 1200 languages to those who have never heard the Good News, to build Christian radio stations, to feed hungry children and to donate to disaster relief projects worldwide.

Our goal is to build committed volunteer teams. We encourage you to make serving a part of your stewardship.